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How to Choose the Right Screw

How to Choose the Right Screw

Although the screws are small, there are many considerations in the selection. There are many types of screws, so how to choose the right screw? The selection of screws needs to be comprehensively considered in terms of type, size, length, quality, etc., mainly the size of the screw, which must match the things that need to be fixed. The following is a detailed introduction to the skills of choosing screws. Let’s learn about the relevant content of screw purchase.

1.Types of screws

There are many types of screws. Different types of screws have great differences in aesthetics and nail-holding ability. Therefore, consumers should choose according to their purposes. For example, expansion screws should be used to fix air conditioners, and aluminum alloys should be used for fixing, you should use self-tapping screws.

2.Screw size

After selecting the type of screw, choose the appropriate size according to the actual force. This is related to the length of the screw, the type of masonry, etc. If the consumer is inexperienced, it is recommended to ask the merchant in detail when purchasing.

3.Screw Length

The same type, same size screws will have rent lengths. When purchasing, it must be noted that under the same stress conditions, the screws used on the wall should be longer than those used on the ground, because the longer the screws, the better the bearing capacity of the screws.

4.Screw quality

There are many ways to buy screws. It is best to buy them in a regular building materials market or hardware store. When purchasing, you should check whether the threads are clear and whether the size and length meet the needs.

Post time: Sep-22-2022