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How to install expansion screws

How to install expansion screws

Expansion screws are used very frequently in our daily life and can be used to tighten a wide variety of tools. But if some people can not be used correctly, do not understand the correct operating procedures, it will lead to the fastening effect is not the best. How to install expansion screws? The expansion screw can be expanded during installation, thus increasing the grip strength of the screw, so as to play a fixed role. So how do you get the expansion screw out? Here is an introduction to the installation and use of expansion screws. Let’s take a look.

The first step is to choose the drill bit that fits the expansion screw, and to drill holes in the wall that are the same depth as the length of the bolt. Then the expansion screw the entire kit buried into the hole, this time do not rush to screw off the nut, or later it is not good to take out.

The next step is to tighten the nut. When you feel the screw tight, there will be no loosening. Then, we will unscrew the nut. Then the fixed items on the hole fixed pieces, to align the screw to install, and finally tighten the nut on it.

During the whole installation process, the holes are also very skilful. If the size is 6 mm, the diameter of the hole needs to reach 10 mm. If it is 8 mm in diameter, it needs to be hit to 12 mm, so it is necessary to punch holes in the wall according to the outer diameter of the expansion tube.

If it is a brick wall, you can choose a slightly smaller diameter drill, and the expansion pipe should be fully buried into the wall, it will be more solid.

When installing, must ensure that the hard wall or in the object on the hole, if the wall itself is relatively soft, is not appropriate, especially in the wall of the gap.

Post time: Oct-08-2022