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How to install self-tapping screws

How to install self-tapping screws

Self-tapping screws are mainly used for the connection and fixation of some thin plates, such as the connection of color steel plate and color steel plate, color steel plate and purlin, wall beam connection, the penetration capacity is generally not more than 6mm, the maximum is not more than 12mm.

Self-tapping screws are often exposed to the outdoors and have strong corrosion resistance. The rubber sealing ring can ensure that the screw does not seepage and has good corrosion resistance.

Tapping screws are usually described by three parameters: screw diameter series, number of threads per inch length, and screw length. There are two types of screw diameter classes, 10 and 12, which correspond to 4.87mm and 5.43mm screw diameters, respectively. The number of threads per inch length is 14, 16 and 24 levels. The more threads per inch length, the better the self-drilling ability.

Use the manual screw driver, according to the self tapping screw grooved choose corresponding screwdriver, screwdriver into the mouth of the for the screw grooved, wants to tighten the location of the connection, direct against screw, clockwise in the hands of the screwdriver, rotate the tapping screw bit by bit into the workpiece, until the whole screw thread is inside the workpiece.

Use power tools. Power tools are more convenient and easier to install. They work the same way as manual screwdrivers, but with electric screwdrivers, self-tapping screws can be installed more quickly and easily.

Post time: Sep-30-2022