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High quality DIN7504N Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

High quality DIN7504N Pan Head Self Drilling Screw

Short Description:

Pan head self drilling screws

1. Diameter: 3.5mm-5mm, 6#-10#

2. Length: 9.5-100mm

3. Material: C1022A

4. Finish: zinc plated

5. Usage: widely use on the sheet metal, construction and decoration

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Product Description

What is the self drilling screw?

Self drilling screws is a popular and main parts in the daily decoration and construction area. Which has different head type such as CSK, TRUSS, PAN and HEX, which can fulfill the demand at different area and also the ZINC, NICKEL plated gives the guarantee to against the rusty. Now widely use on window, steel plate, roof and steel joint.

What is the self drilling screw.1

Pan head self drilling screws, zinc plated

Material  C1022A 
Diameter  3.5-5.0mm, 6#-10#
Length  10-100mm
Finish  galvanized yellow/bule white 
Point  drilling point

Packing & Shipping

1. We have several sizes of packing dimensions, can be 20kg or 25kg per carton.
2. For large orders, we can design specific sizes of boxes and cartons.
3. Normal Packing: 1000pcs/500pcs/250pcs per small box. then small boxes into cartons.
4. Can provide special packings as middle east clients requests.
All packing can be done as per customer!

Size(lnch) Size(mm) Size(lnch) Size(lnch)
6#*1/2" 3.5*13 8#*3/4" 4.2*19
6#*5/8" 3.5*16 8#*1" 4.2*25
6#*3/4" 3.5*19 8#*1-1/4" 4.2*32
6#*1" 3.5*25 8#*2“ 4.2*50
7#*1/2" 3.9*13 10#*1/2" 4.8*13
7#*5/8" 3.9*16 10#*5/8" 4.8*16
7#*3/4" 3.9*19 10#*3/4" 4.8*19
7#*1" 3.9*25 io#*1" 4.8*25
7#*1-1/4" 3.9*32 10#*1-1/4" 4.8*32
7#*1-1/2" 3.9*38 10#*1-1/2" 4.8*38
8#*1/2" 4.2*13 10#*1-3/4" 4.8*45
8#*5/8" 4.2*16 10#*2" 4.8*50


1. What is your main products?
Drywall screws, self tapping screws, self driling screws, chipboard screws, blind rivets, common nails, concrete nails..etc.

2. When did the business start?
We have been in fastener business for more than 16 years.

3. What are screws?
Screws are threaded fasteners that hold themselves in materials once installed. Screws do not require a nut or washer for installation.

4. Are screws and bolts the same?
No, screws have a sharp point and hold themselves in the installation material. Bolts require a tapped hole for installation or a nut to hold the bolt to the material. "Screw" and "bolt" are terms often swapped interchangeably in the industry.

5. Are screws or nails better?
Neither! Screws and nails are both great for different tasks. One or the other will be better depending on the application.

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